Tasheara Neshell
"Hot Celebrity Hair Designer"

"It's no wonder Jennifer Hudson always looks fierce" Behind the beauty of fabulous hair care regiments and exotic coifs, Tasheara Neshell implicates pride and expertise in her craft. "I like to take my time, I like to learn and have quality control when I am being creative" Tasheara quotes. As a hairstylist it is my job to make my client look and feel even more beautiful on the outside as they already are on the inside. One impaticular client that Tasheara works with daily is Academy Award Winning, Ms Jennifer Hudson. "Jennifer is by far a beautiful person to work with,she allows me to be who I am as a designer, and she is comfortable with my decisions. I tell all of my clients that true beauty comes from within, it is empowered by your spirit, what you feel about yourself and how you think. I love working with strong minded clients because together we make a great team. As a hairstylist,I use products that contains strong percentages of Biotin Vitamins, and low percentages of alcohol and oil based ingredients. Even when using hair accessories I like to stay natural and away from color extensions. I am a true believer that less is best.
Tasheara Neshell has done such a great job traveling the world working on many projects internationally to Paris,Germany,London and Japan.Not to mention the work she has done domestically which includes projects for the Academy Awards,Screen Actors Guild Awards,NAACP Awards,GLAAD Awards,just to name a few.In addition to working with Paramount Pictures Studio, ABC's Oprah Winfrey Show, Jay Leno Show, Barbara Walter's Special,BET 106& Park, Today Show in NY, Tyra Banks Show, and many more. Including on her resume, some print and ad work with Avon, taking on the cover of Giant Magazine, Rollingstones,People Magazine and more. This year by far has been a learning detail in Tasheara's career. A talent that is so deserving and in high demand, Tasheara Neshell expands her clientele by being loyal and patient.Believeing in God, and having faith a a key tool for me as a person who wants more out of life.
"Tasheara Neshell is more than just a hairstylist but she a a friend, a mother , a sister, a daughter, a motivator,a writer and a doer"
If you would like to contact Tasheara Neshell please do so by using the following info below:

P.O Box 17327 Chicago IL 60617